Since 2015 Yellow Entertainment has conceived, produced, directed and managed the most iconic cabaret stage in London. Every aspect of the production was developed, delivered and managed by the Yellow team. Opening in 1924 Café de Paris offered a unique set of challenges and responsibilities, it was our brief to deliver world class spectacular circus, cabaret and burlesque shows in a listed building in the heart of London’s West End. It was these shows that led us to become the multi award winning team that we are now. Delivering 5 years of critically acclaimed sell-out shows.

The process was one of collaboration at all times with the management of the venue. We proposed multiple show concepts, consulting with them at every stage as the script, score, casting, costume and choreography was developed. We created the lighting plots and mastered the score on sight to deliver the best looks and sound and worked transparently through show development weeks to get the best out of our incredible casts to deliver the aspirations of our client.

We can’t overstate how important Café de Paris and Maxwells was, allowing us to play in such an iconic, historical room. From these glittering beginnings we have taken our casts and production team all over the world, and are looking for venues, clients and collaborators to continue pushing the boundaries of performance in the most spectacular settings.

Cabaret @ Café de Paris since 2015:
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Cabaret Des Distractions
The Seven Deadly Sins 
Showtime Cabaret
The Service
Disco 54

“We have been honoured to have been trusted with the opportunity to produce spectacles that are truly awe inspiring. The impermanence of it is so exciting, that so many elements have to come together at one perfect moment, a moment during which everyone, from patrons, director, performers and guests are suspended in time and belief. In my career it is those moments, the crescendos of the productions and events, the wet eyed joy of months of preparation coming together for a few seconds that you will never forget.”

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