corporate festivals

Yellow Entertainment has a wealth of experience in producing large-scale, corporate festivals for some of the world’s biggest brands. We know how to create that festival vibe, generating a strong buzz and lasting connection long after the event has ended without losing your objective of the program or message.
Our corporate festivals are often family events during the day and then turn into a fantastic party in the evening. We have a wealth of experience in catering to these two sides of the coin with a strong accent on safety and responsibility. 

There isn’t a site we don’t know, from the serene and beautiful Amber Lakes to the Regal Queens House to the rolling hills and country pile of Braxted Park we work closely with each and every client from the conception to the seamless delivery of your Corporate Festival.

badoo party
Our objective is to create outstanding, bespoke and successful experiences with our clients’ vision being enhanced and brought to life by our team’s skillset and award winning agency know-how.

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