theming and scenics

Yellow entertainment began scenic production for its circus and cabaret productions, initially producing 2 – 3 shows a year (that were then performed 2 or 3 times a week) we would spend weeks or even months designing and commissioning pieces to convey our themes and surprise our audiences. This staging caught the eye of our patrons and we began producing the seasonal décor for various venues around London, especially around Halloween. Then in 2016, we began to produce weekly events within office spaces, transforming these spaces to theme and producing the now famous immersive parties at Badoo’s HQ.

This volume of work and the trust and imagination of our incredible clients has allowed us to build an industry leading scenic team with the support of the most talented and dedicated suppliers. We deliver digital renders of the scenic transformations on request and work with highest standards of Health & Safety, often in listed or high value spaces to suspend the belief of clients and their guests. Branding has become an art in event production and our team of experts can deliver your brand or message in innovative ways and with a meticulous eye for detail.

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