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Yellow entertainment has been developing innovative ways to create, present and distribute content. One of these ways has been the development of our live streaming capabilities. We have been using these capabilities in two ways:

Live Streamed Studio Shows: Yellow Entertainment was commissioned to produce a talent show for our client (see video below). We designed a registration website for the EMEA team at Adobe to submit their Tik Tok or YouTube videos displaying their special talents, and they were AMAZING! Once we had all the submissions in, we edited the content and then live streamed a show with two presenters and a ‘headline performer’ from our London Studio.
This one hour show of a combination of live streamed hosts, performance and pre-recorded talent videos lasted one hour, had chat and polling features and had a huge attendance.

We at Yellow can put together a show of any size and budget. We can host your guests live, and switch to content such as speeches, entertainment, chat rooms and panel discussions seamlessly. Clients can also send individuals to the studio where we can produce any background or technical aids to address your event. Whether you want to broadcast your corporate message globally or live stream a star studied entertainment extravaganza we can produce the show of your dreams.

Let the Studio come to you: Yellow Entertainment was commissioned to produce cocktail making masterclasses followed by musical bingo and live DJ sets by Dirty Martini bars. Dirty Martini provide the venues and the mixologists for the masterclasses. Yellow Entertainment arrive in good time to set up a mobile streaming studio with 3 cameras, lights, sound desk, monitors, DJ equipment and operators. We also provide the bingo cards and playlist, the hosts, and the DJ’s. In these fantastic and highly successful collaborations we are able to change the games from Bingo to quizzes to cabaret and more.

This mobile live streaming studio with entertainment production can be brought to your home, office, venue or ‘my three word’ location for corporate events, family gatherings or wild parties, we will broadcast your content to a professional standard and to an audience of any size.

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