Here at Yellow Entertainment we are a boutique agency. We consider ourselves as much concierges as event managers and entertainment agents and so upon contacting Yellow Entertainment you will immediately have the attention and resources of our whole team at your fingertips.
We want to understand you, your event, your aspiration or your organisation and the only way we can do that is through communication.
In the days before Covid 19 we would travel to you or invite you to ours for a chat (still our preferred method!) but in the new normal we may book in a video call to discuss your requirements.

 Once we understand your requirement’s we will give you a single point of contact, an account or client manager (with an actual name!) and that individual will deliver you your proposal, revisions, planning, event management and review, whether it be for a single entertainer at a private party, or a calendar of corporate events, we will keep the continuity of communication.

Your account manager will have the support of our small yet powerful team with over 50 combined years experience in the events industry.
Yellow’s international team consists of best-in-class specialists ranging from creatives, strategists, producers, health & safety, production managers to set designers, carpenters, artists and digital techies.

Most events we approach will follow our Critical Path process;


This will be presented through digital proposal, backed up with images and video content of suggested performers and activities. If required and particularly if scenic dressing and set build is involved we will produce CAD plans of the venues and spaces with 3D virtual renders of the transformed spaces. We expect to work with our clients and collaborators to refine and redraft these proposals until all elements are signed off and budgets agreed.


Once we have the green light we produce for the client a critical path of all the elements as they are confirmed. We can share the various digital elements of timelines, CAD plans and overlays, production schedules etc with our clients and collaborators through our project management software or through the platforms and scheduled meetings of our client’s specification.


The Yellow team and our fantastic suppliers will be onsite long before the clients and guests arrive. It is up to the venue or client how much communication they want at this stage but we have live reporting procedures so that all active members of the crew are aware of their responsibilities and timelines, overseen at all times by our senior operations team.


Showtime! It is at the discretion of our clients how much information flows in their direction but we are on hand at all times, in full communication with all cast and crew calling the service and production, fine tuning every element with the softest touch.


This is an integral part of the process, not an afterthought but a structured dissection of all the elements that have been before so that we can tailor our processes to move forward with every client collaboration. At Yellow we work with our clients for years, not months, we pride ourselves in our ‘concierge service’ so this debrief is integral to our development.

…But here at Yellow we can offer more than a rigid template of delivery.
We can guide you through our process or work to your preferred model, we want to produce the best events and entertainment on the planet, we never stop learning, and we want to work with you!

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