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“We have been honoured to have been trusted with the opportunity to produce spectacles that are truly awe inspiring. The impermanence of it is so exciting, that so many elements have to come together at one perfect moment, a moment during which everyone, from patrons, director, performers and guests are suspended in time and belief. In my career it is those moments, the crescendos of the productions and events, the wet eyed joy of months of preparation coming together for a few seconds that you will never forget.”
[Tom Gravett]

Over the last 10 years Tom Gravett and Yellow Entertainment have been producing and directing full scale theatrical, cabaret and circus productions for the London stages of Café de Paris, The Wonderground, The Underglobe and touring shows to Helsinki and Venice.
It is a passion that we continue to pursue, with plans to tour our existing shows; The Service, Seven Sins and Disco and further plans for productions both in Europe and North America.

wizard of oz entertainment

We have also written and performed bespoke full-scale productions around various theme’s for both corporate and private clients most notably, Moulin Rouge in 2018 and Romeo & Juliet in 2019 with enormous set builds and over 100 performers these extravaganzas were headlined by Rudimental and John Newman respectively.

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