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Yellow Entertainment was commissioned to produce a virtual end of year party in December 2020. The brief was to source a platform with which to host up to 620 remote guests from various European countries. The event was to be themed and offer interactive activities, entertainment, music and social spaces.  

The pre-production started in November 2020 with Yellow Entertainment creating an initial proposal of ideas and platform concepts. We researched and sourced various platform hosts from Zoom, MS Teams, Blue Jeans and Avatar, to a “map” concept. 

The map was commissioned by our client and we pressed on with creating a virtual world in which we would host the guests. The aesthetic was designed to meet the client’s theme of retro gaming (Ready Player 1, Back to the Future) with the various spaces on the map named with this theme in mind. Yellow Entertainment worked with our client through a number of revisions on the entertainment offerings, as this was a virtual event, we had to consider elements that in physical productions would not have been relevant considerations.
Does the performer have tech capabilities from home?
How can we stream their performance via the map?
Can we stream their performance live, or should it be pre-recorded? 
All these moving parts were meticulously worked through in pre-production in order to create a seamless and super fun experience for our client, their employees and guests.  

The activities and experiences included;
– Escape Room Lock Down activity
– Hackathon activity
– Celebrity mind magician
– Drag bingo
– Speed networking area
– 2 DJs
– Photobooth
– Chill out spaces
…and a surprise finale revealed in the last 5 minutes of the event showing a mosaic wall with all the employee’s pictures from the photobooth making up the client logo.

We ran a rehearsal day 3 days prior to event date to ensure any tech issues could be ironed out in good time. The event went live at 17.00 and opened with the CEO’s live streamed speech, from Dubai. The event ran to 19.30. During the event we ensured each activity and performance was recorded. We sent the rough footage, hot off the Zoom press, to our film making supplier who, overnight worked to edit a slick 2-minute highlights video.
Yellow Entertainment delivered a link to our client by 10am the following morning.
It is an honour to be trusted with projects like this and we are very proud of our team for delivering it with such creativity and professionalism.

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