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Yellow Entertainment and its senior management have produced 1000’s of festive winter parties over the years. Fortunately for us all the ‘office Christmas party’ has come a long way in the last decade and is now an event that gives people and organisations a chance to say thank you, solidify relationships, and project their values and standards.

Fashions change in this highly competitive sector, but at Yellow Entertainment we can advise you as to what the trends are, and also work with you to break the mould and create timeless experiences.

The Yellow Entertainment team has a background in immersive  theatre, and it is this experience that informs our ability to deliver safe, stunning, indoor environments for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Having spent years working on and around listed buildings we provide the working practices and insurances that are needed should you wish to deliver your events in spectacular and sensitive locations.
Most importantly we know what works, we know how to deliver function without sacrificing form and we can work with you throughout the planning and delivery to ensure that your vision is realised.

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